Fancying itself as a jellyfish, Black Movie frolics in the deep waters of international auteur cinema. The Festival’s 2013 cultural season opens its net wide to reveal a miraculous catch: a teeming mass of rare fish or mutant films.

An emaciated devil, naked and obscene, wanders unashamedly around a house at the edge of the Mexican forest, carrying his tool kit; a fish-headed creature on human legs washes up on a Malayan beach; a siren wriggles with joy in a Macao market aquarium; a wood sprite skips through the creepers of a Sri Lankan jungle; a melancholy, teary-eyed crocodile watches; a Korean dog is gifted with the power of speech; an African president screams at some owls who are giving him slimy looks; blood-thirsty sushis… Everywhere, voracious nature seems to have overwhelmed human beings no longer quite at home on earth. Manipulating or manipulated, the guys have gotten into a bind all by themselves. It’s a walk on the wild side. The world that this early 2013 cinema is reflecting back to us is peopled by hybrids, and the films are themselves constructed on the same composite model. Split narratives, deconstructed time scales, crossed cinematographic genres, formal audacity – anything seems to be acceptable to and legible for 21st century spectators.

Don’t be a wimp! Sharpen your lynx eyes and decide what’s art and what’s plain smutty. But get ready for the worst: we’re proposing ten days of top-notch hypnotism!

This edition’s film copies were transported by Transitair.