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Must in bio cosmetics, Aesop appreciates efforts made with seriousness and bit of fantasy. All the products are made with great care, respectful of the environment and the climate of the place you are working and living in. In Geneva a beautiful shop waits for your visit www.aesop.com

Radio Vostok
New webradio station, totally independant and 100% free of commercials cultivates cultural biodiversity and opens new spaces for sound. Let's rock! www.radiovostok.ch

For those who’ve never read 360°, this is a committed and offbeat magazine in French-speaking Switzerland that covers homo, bi and transgender news and offers an anti-conformist panorama of Swiss and international news.

Boréal Coffee Shop
Created in 2009, Boréal Coffee is a space dedicated to the culture of coffee. Our specialties (cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, latte macchiato, etc.) are savored in a cosy home-like setting, animated by our experienced baristas, and in which the focus is on encounter and dialogue. A far cry from the big chains, what’s important for us is to put people back into the centre – whether it’s in the way we work within our team or how we interact with clients. The opening of our own coffee-roasting plant in 2012 was another step towards ensuring the quality of our coffee as well as a way to strengthen our direct links with small producers and cooperatives.

Whether it’s to read (or snooze) on a couch, update your blog, chat to the guy next to you, stroll around town with a real cappuccino, or show off with your latte on your way home from work in the train, Boréal should be able to help you!

Café Lyrique
Practically next door to the Grütli, the classic and never out of fashion Café Lyrique offers a french and traditional cuisine in a very parisian atmosphere.

Z’team Food
If you wish to organise a party with friends or a lover’s date and eat as if you were in a restaurant but at home, orif you want a cooking lesson or to find out about great chef’s secrets, Henan can make your dreams come true !

La Gravière
In the former petrochemical factory of Firmenich, la Gravière is a new space devout to fresh musical experiences ; folk, rock or funk, industrial, techno and electro. A musical cocktail livened up by performances, visual and sound installations and other surprises.

Le Kalvingrad
Legendary concert hall without which Geneva would again be Calvingrad !

Cinéma Spoutnik
A no-popcorn cinema showing beautiful films that, because of their esthetic qualities, their format or their length are not screened on traditional commercial circuits.

Cinémas du Grütli
Art/experimental cinemas for works that form part of our cinematographic heritage as well as those representing new Swiss, European and international film trends.

Utopiana.am was founded in 2001 with the aim of struggling against the isolation of the Armenian artists and intellectuals both locally and globally. Encounters, residencies, conferences and publications form these artistic and cultural practices, questioning thereby social and political transformations. In order to present or to show these projects, Utopiana.am collaborates with different institutions and organisations.