Black Movie
International independant film
Festival, Geneva
Première européenne / Premier film

La comodidad en la distancia

Jorge Yacoman

Pedestrian road movie

Fr./Engl. Subtitles
The apple of our eyes

16.01.2015 - 19h30
17.01.2015 - 19h30
18.01.2015 - 21h30

Grütli Simon

22.01.2015 - 17h00

Having left his cozy family nest some weeks ago, Eusebio wanders about in the streets of Santiago. Yearning for contact, he gets into discussions with everyone and anyone on all possible topics and no matter where. From parties to sofa, his angelic face is an irresistible open sesame that enables him to survive more or less easily until he gets mixed up with some unscrupulous characters.

An endearing portrait of a fragile young man of Chili's post-dictatorship era in search of his own true identity, far removed from his parents' compromises.

Jorge Yacoman / Chili /