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International Independent Film Festival
22 – 31.01.2021
International Independent Film Festival
22 – 31.01.2021


To Be Followed…

Our selection of the best of world auteur cinema has a special flavor this year: that of being reunited with faithful friends who're on top form and remind us what it was like before the pandemic!

Silence on the set!

Films that juggle with cinema codes and measure their own power: from an extreme 6-hour-long cinematographic experiment to an Argentinian suspense film on the world of dubbing as well as a South Korean phantom actor or the practice of staging your life to transcend it… Cinema is living matter; long live cinema!

To name you, liberty

Lost Mexican teenagers playing a fatal game; a Rom family dreaming of recovering their lost paradise; a rebellious chess champion in Azerbaijan; or Lagos city-dwellers looking for their eldorado – just so many characters who, by stepping out of line, are forced to pay the price.

War zone

Resistance to neocolonialism in Brazil, tribute to the victims of a Chechen attack in Russia, a popular uprising in the USSR, a battle with no enemies in Cuba, a struggle for democratic elections in Kenya, a totalitarian trial in Romania under Ceaușescu: just so many solitary situations between civil wars and vain battles are explored in this section.

Women behind the camera

Lost on the stage of a Mexican cabaret, after a bereavement in Argentina or on a Bulgarian roadside, ill-treated in the Donbass, raped in Seoul or treated as a witch in Kenya: these women are the brave heroines of the films in this section, all signed by women directors.


A bloody Uruguayan high-speed chase in an old Montevideo cinema, a Korean crime movie with multiple plot twists, crazy strolls through Cape Town nights, thrilling and absurd cartoons or Kazakh cowboys and kittens: highly recommended night vision!

Black Movie for Kids

With 34 films from 25 countries, this new edition of Black Movie for Kids incites us to redesign the world. Films that help kids to grow in the light of a projector, to blossom as they share with others, to advance confidently into tomorrow's world.