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International Independent Film Festival
22 – 31.01.2021
International Independent Film Festival
22 – 31.01.2021

Black Movie for Kids films

Les Mal-aimés

36' - French version
Legal age: 3 years old
Suggested age: 4 years old

These four funny and tender stories present the universe of certain unpopular creatures to whom fairy tales, legends or plain prejudice have given a bad reputation.

Un paparapluie, des chiens et une ribambelle d’animaux

50' - No dialog
Legal age: 4 years old
Suggested age: 4 years old

Merry and colorful, this program gives top billing to our canine friends, talks about sharing and reminds us how important it is to take care of the world around us.

Tour du Monde 2021

66' - No dialog
Legal age: 6 years old
Suggested age: 6 years old

A cinematographic moment for children that reminds us that some subjects are universal; like helping each other, mourning or the importance of art. The sweet magic of cartoons that can tell essential tales.

Nos mondes imaginaires

82' - No dialog & Fr. subtitles
Legal age: 8 years old
Suggested age: 8 years old

One power we can always count on is the power of imagination; it allows us to create a place where everything seems possible and offers us the possibility of re-inventing the world.

Contes japonais

63' - No dialog & Fr. subtitles
Legal age: 8 years old
Suggested age: 10 years old

Four modern tales and a biting farce which, apart from their astonishing beauty and formal excellence, show that animals are sensitive beings and that all forms of life are important.


91' - Fr. subtitles
Legal age: 10 years old
Suggested age: 12 years old

Across the globe, children defy norms and authority to exist fully as individuals. A selection that shatters prejudices and opens the road to liberation.


109' - Ger./Fr. Subtitles
Legal age: 8 years old
Suggested age: 10 years old

A young teacher is sent against his will to the most remote school in Bhutan. Far from town, life is rough, but the generosity and empathy of the villagers transform his destiny.

Mini Black Movie

Up to 6 years old

As a privileged partner of the Maison de la Créativité, Mini Black Movie has been a welcome guest in Geneva's institutions for small children since 2007. The Maison de la créativité will host a new film program in 2021.

Maison de la créativité


Nos mondes imaginaires

Legal age: 8 years old
Suggested age: 8 years old
No dialog & Fr. subtitles

From Colombia to Australia via India and Portugal, when reality increasingly resembles a dystopia, when cement has covered the greenery, and the digital mode has banished handicrafts, there's a force we can always count on: the power of imagination. It enables us to reconcile cat and dog around an intergalactic musical comedy, to visit the kingdom of the dead and emerge more alive than ever, to create spaces in which anything seems possible…


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