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International Independent Film Festival
International Independent Film Festival
20 – 29.01.2023
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Swiss Premiere

How Dare You Have Such a Rubbish Wish

Mania Akbari
Revolutionary collage
Iran, UK
Engl/french subtitles

Director and actor Mania Akbari revisits the "male gaze" in popular Iranian cinema, and recounts the shift that took place in the years before the 1979 revolution. The period of 'liberating the bodies' after the Second World War was like a breath of fresh air, but was quickly suppressed. Stripping women, making them dance and sing, punishing them when they dishonour the family... and then forbidding them to work in the movies.

A hundred or so precious extracts from films currently banned in their country of origin tell of the power of the imagination and the fantasies surrounding women's bodies. How Dare You Have Such a Rubbish Wish is conceived as a poetic reconstruction, in the form of a collage, of a lost and buried time.“I’m not making a film, I’m gazing into your gaze.” M. Akbari.

A meeting with the director will take place on Thursday 26 at 7pm during the Crossed perspectives on Iranian cinema: (in)visible women?.

Mania Akbari / UK /


* in the presence of the director

Grütli Simon
* 25.01.202320:00panier
* 27.01.202321:00panier
* 28.01.202316:45panier

To watch online from 24.01.2023 at 00:01 to 29.01.2023 at 23:59 here