Black Movie, cinema wins !

A pioneering film festival with no hang-ups, Black Movie resolutely swims against the tide of conventional movie fare with its annual 10-day menu of emerging talents and established filmmakers from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our only requirement is that each film possess its own authentic voice, freedom of tone, and great cinematographic quality.

Black Movie for Kids is a section dedicated to children called "Le Petit Black Movie".

The festival has closed its gates after 10 days of intense travelling in the most particular and free cinemas of Asia, Latin America and Africa. The attendance of the 08 edition of the festival has once again increased : 21'500 festiva-goers were present. The other good news is the net increase of the younger audience : 43% for the screenings meant specifically for the young audience, and a general increase of 13% of the 15-25 year olds in the regular screenings of the festival. The festival is now in preparation for the 09 edition, searching around the world for news cinematographic goodies to bring back to Geneva.

Next edition:from the 30th January till the 8th February 2009.

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