Black'n zoo

For two successive weekends, the Zoo will be the venue for Black Movie’s evening entertainments.

Radioclit’s africanized electro rubbing shoulders with the legendary musical collages of Steinski; the devastating energy of the German label Exploited’s representatives; Thavius Beck’s hip hop; or two Japanese reinterpreting the French renaissance.

All this accompanied by juicy meals and ginger-based cocktails conjured up for you by the “Kowloon city soft sex bar in exile No5” team.
Schedule: 23:00-05:00.

And, to round the festival off, a very special thé dansant.


Fri 30 Jan, 23:00 - 5:00
Radioclit (Ghettopop Records, Counterfeet, Uppercuts / UK) dj set
Yan (zoo / CH)
Wildlife! (Yuhzimi / CH) dj set

Johan and Etienne (Radioclit), the Franco-Swedish duo based in London, seem to function like four separate ears, each constantly racing around the world. The result is a sound combination that steers its way between a host of surprising influences. Electro from everywhere and nowhere, dance floor version.

Burlesque party

Sat 31 Jan, 23:00 - 5:00
les romanesques
Les Romanesques (Romanesques Records / FR, JP) Live
Greta Gratos (multiput / CH) Live
Etom::dot & Husmus (leb kru / CH) dj set

Get out your glad rags, the on-stage competition is for who’s the best-dressed. Faced with the Romanesques’ hysterically Renaissance finery and Greta’s junky but madly high-class evening gowns, you’ll need to dress UP. Now’s the opportunity to wear that gorgeous but rrrrreally too sexy dress, to stop hiding your passion for tails, to match your stilettos with a top hat, to dare wear that totally obscene butt-clinging jeans, or wear whatever you fancy.

Music-wise, titles like the Romanesques’ “Blanc Neige” followed by their “Noir Neige” won’t leave you cold: they should provoke all kinds of weird reactions. An XXXclusive show.

Exploited Label Tour

Fri 6 Feb, 23:00 - 5:00
Shir Khan, Malente & Dex dexter (Exploited / DE)
DJ Schnautzi (Zoo / CH) dj set

Rave’s back. Get out your comfy sneakers. Arms in the air. Get ready to scream. You’ll be sweating.

Hip Hop (in collaboration with the KAB

Sat 7 Feb, 23:00 - 5:00
Steinski (USA) Dj set
Thavius Beck (mush / USA) live
K-THE-EYE??? (mush, big dada / USA) live
Dj Lo (radio city / CH) dj set

They may just have signed up with the mythical Big Dada (Roots Manuva, Diplo...), they’ve been totally on the hip-hop scene for ages!
Working out of Los Angeles, the awesome MC K-The-I??? first attracted attention with Bigg Jus (Company Flow), and continued with their first solo album for Mush records.
Associated since then with the brilliant Thavius Beck, they deliver a white-hot album here called ''Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow'' that contains 14 highly-strung hip-hop numbers punctuated by impeccable guest performances by High Priest (Anti Pop Consortium), Busdriver or Subtitle.
Thavius Beck, producer/rap artist and member of the Lab Waste duo, seen with Saul Williams, Busdriver, Daedelus or Nine Inch Nails, is also offering a top-class solo set. With them, Steinski, a living legend of the currently with-it musical collages (that he’d already introduced back at the beginning of the’80s). A whether-they-know-it-or-not constant reference for all hip-hop fans.

T dansant Les Ciels d'Amaterasu – will the Heavens’ nymphs be feeling melancholy on a misty day? 俳句

Sunday 8 february, from 17:00 on (and more if you fancy it)
With: Greta Gratos et les messagères d'amour
Djs: Radio Momie, David de Bâle

A very special T-dansant to round off the Black Movie festival. Greta Gratos and her nymphs will transport you to the Middle Ages to tell you about the art of Japanese poetry, unveiling the world of haiku in the form of readings, screenings and musical morsels.

Presentation of Japanese shadow theatre.