Black Movie for Kids

A section of the Black Movie festival, Le Petit Black Movie is designed for children and invites them to discover films that will take them on a journey around the world: the films will take the kids to Eastern Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Japan and Iran.

The objective is to present a selection of unusual and rare films ignored by the traditional distribution system; to find the magic of a cinema screening again.

These films are sometimes accompanied by other activities. Black Movie for Kids offers an introduction to sounds effects at La Traverse. Meanwhile the short films series of Tour du Monde calls at a number of Geneva’s local neighbourhood and leisure-time activity centres.

On offer this year: several short films, a dream-like flashback to the past in the form of a science fiction film called Les Aventures fantastiques, and a preview for family viewing of Piano Forest, an ode to music and the joys of playing a musical instrument, are on the menu this year.

And finally, the festival offers the Mini Black Movie programme, specially concocted for tiny tots in Geneva’s nursery schools in partnership with Eveil culturel et artistique des enfants (Cultural and artistic awakening for children).

Tiny, Miriam et les autres

(3 and upwards)
F : Cinéma, Sat 31st, 11:00am – Sat 7th, 2:00pm, – Sun 8th, 11:00am

Kingikratt (The House Spirit)

Father Christmas assisted by his tiny replica is loading gifts onto his sleigh. But the fox, as cunning as all foxes are, is counting on grabbing them for himself.
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Fluffy, Tiny et les légumes

Tiny, who hates vegetables and refuses to eat them, falls ill... A very gentle cartoon, created in figures made of felt.
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Miriam et le nichoir

Mrs Hen, Miriam's family's domestic animal, is determined to obtain a perch. Father is a good handyman, but that's not always enough...
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Le trottoir

The very expressive images resemble children's drawings; this is an extremely simple story of the important moments in a little Iranian's day.
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Le Bal des Lucioles et autres courts

(4 and upwards)
Les Cinémas du Grütli Langlois, Sun 1st, 2:00pm – Wed 4th, 5:00pm, – Sat 7th, 2:00pm

Lovingly prepared by Riga’s famous AB studios, whom we have to thank for Munk et Lemmy, L'Equipe de secours or Des animaux fous, fous, fous, these short animated films use hand-crafted puppets created with traditional know-how preserved over the past 50 years. Having recently come out in France, three of these films focus on insect characters, all of whom will have to find their own ways of solving problems. Simple, brave, gay and funny, the films share the typically tender tone of shorts from Eastern Europe.

Le bal des lucioles

The forest is getting ready for a ball. But you can't get in if you've got a damaged light! Otis the firefly will have to find a way of repairing his.
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Les petits écoliers

It's back to school time for insects… but three pupils who play hooky must brave nature's carnivorous plants and other dangers all alone.
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La nouvelle espèce

A family of moths set off on a picnic. Daddy and mummy are captured by a collector! The kids will have to use all their imagination to save their parents.
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Le magicien

A wolf who is a wizard comes and performs some magic tricks. But after a few abracadabras, he disappears, taking away with him the things he was given…
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Pilot films

(5 and upwards)
Les Cinémas du Grütli Langlois, Sat 31st, 2:00pm – Sun 1st, 5:00pm, – Sun 8th, 5:00pm

Born in 1988, Pilot Studios, the first independent studio in Russia, is a nursery for regularly rewarded talent. It employs more than 400 people, whose films have won prizes at least fifty times at the most prestigious international festivals. Like many other quality studios around the world, it survives financially by doing work on commission for Western producers. Luckily, the creative element is still present… and Black Movie presents a sample as evidence of that. As a treat for the kids and animated film fans, PBM is screening three magnificent short films with stories told in the original Russian and dubbed on the spot by the actress Maud Faucherre..


When the old couple manages to bring home a magic egg, they are ecstatic… but not for long. A classical tale that uses modelling clay figures and a wealth of sound and colour.
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An orphan, Khavroshechka is exploited and ill-treated by her foster family. But a wonderful cow uses magic to protect her. A moving story that evokes the power of family ties strong enough to resist death itself.
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A poor man is robbed of all he owns but, against all expectations, becomes rich. A sober and poetic Russian adaptation of a Korean tale.
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Le Tour du Monde

(6 and upwards)
CAC Langlois, Sat 31st, 5:00pm
F: Cinéma, Sun 1st, 11:00am - Sun 8th, 2:00pm

Printed Rainbow

An old lady escapes her drab and solitary existence by immersing herself in the shimmering and eery world of matchbox pictures. A gentle and moving fable.
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Painstaking preparations by a bird in a very theatrical dressing room… for a totally unexpected fall!
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An old lady in a wheelchair sees her nurse being robbed. With Ma Dalton-like energy, she takes off in pursuit of the outlaw, who bitterly regrets his choice of prey!
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A couple of robots and their dog on an ordinary day inr a film inspired by Uruguayan musician Masliah's themes as well as by his surrealist humour.
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Devochka Dura

A little girl ignored by her schoolmates invents a very, very special method to attract a little boy's attention…
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An astonishing little nun confronts her hidden side… the film's deliberately simple, effective and burlesque treatment produces a joyous spectacle for all ages.
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Mon cher et tendre ami

An exciting conflict, full of surprises, between a crow and a reluctant pencil.
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Because you're Gorgeous

New episode in the Jungle Beat (BM 08) series: the more the lion Warthog tries to restore the perfect beauty of the mane of which he was so proud, the more the situation deteriorates!
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A little human-like robot walks hesitatingly on some tubes, creating a sound at each step… A strange and bewitching film on childhood and discovery of the world.
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Les aventures fantastiques

(Age: dès 7 ans)
Ciné 17, Wed 4th, 3:00pm
Les Cinémas du Grütli Langlois, Sun 8th, 2:00pm
Prof Roch, who has invented a very dangerous explosive device, is kidnapped by the horrid Artigas, who wants it for a sinister project. This amazing and technically brilliant science fiction film, inspired by Jules Verne, mixes real-life actors and the original prints of Verne's books.
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Piano Forest

(film famille, dès 8 ans)
Les Cinémas du Grütli Simon, Sat 31st, 2:00pm – Wed 4th, 2:00pm, – Sun 8th, 2:00pm
Two talented young pianists; two different ways of living their art. For Shuhei, application and work; for Kai, pleasure and instinct. A film about the road all of us must pursue to become ourselves, about the joy of acting, about music and the freedom it bestows.
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Screenings and activities

Silence, on bruite!

(7 and upwards)
Traverse, Wed 4th, 10:00am – Wed 4th, 2:00pm

Cinema is the art of illusion… and uses various techniques and devices (editing, image centring, sound effects, etc.). This year, the focus is on sound effects, an astonishing aspect of film-making.
After showing two new episodes in the Jungle Beat series, two sound effects technicians will demonstrate various effects, quiz the audiences on what they used to record the sounds, and provide on-the-spot sound effects for films with no soundtrack. Sound technicians, like conjurers, all have their tricks and secrets, some of which they will reveal here!

Yes we have no Bananas (Jungle Beat)

The extremes to which a craving for bananas can lead a monkey who is scared of absolutely nothing.
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I got you Under my Skin (Jungle Beat)

The worst possible fate for a tortoise is to itch where it can't reach: under its shell!
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Reservation advised: 022 909 88 94 or

Le Tour du Monde des Acacias

(6 and upwards)
Maison de quartier des Acacias, Wed 4th, 2:30pm (approx: 2 1/2 hrs)

Escape... The Maison de Quartier Asters-Servette invites children with their parents to a Sunday afternoon of escape. Some films from the Tour du Monde programme (Printed Rainbow, Maestro, Devochka Dura, Roubada, Tiruriru, Lapsus, Because you're Gorgeous) will be shown, and the adventure will continue with creative workshops, and end with a get-together and a snack.

Reservation advised: 022 342 72 72

Le Tour du Monde des Asters

(6 and upwards)
Maison de quartier Asters-Servette, Sun 1st, 2:30pm (approx: 2 1/2 hrs)

Escape… The Maison de Quartier Asters-Servette invites children with their parents to a Sunday afternoon of escape. Some films from the Tour du Monde programme (Devochka Dura, Tiruriru, Ergo, Because you're Gorgeous, Printed Rainbow) will be shown, and the adventure will continue with creative workshops, and end with a get-together and a snack.

Reservation advised: 022 734 06 33 or

Le Tour du Monde de Champel

(6 and upwards)
Maison de quartier de Champel, Sat 31st, 3:00pm (films at 5:00pm, buffet at 6:00pm)

Confection de masques, projection de quelques films du Tour du Monde (Maestro, Roubada, Because you're Gorgeous, Ergo, Mon cher et tendre ami, Lapsus) et savoureux buffet du monde: telle est la façon dont la Maison quartier de Champel déclinera sa pérégrination.

Reservation advised: 022 789 59 79 or

Le Tour du Monde des Eaux-Vives

(6 and upwards)
Maison de quartier des Eaux-Vives, Sat 7th and Sun 8th, 2:00pm (approx: 3 1/2 hrs)

Indian atmospheres and tastes are on the menu for this trip to India for children. After seeing Printed rainbow, the kids will create objects suggested by the film’s story, before having a snack. The afternoon will end with a selection of films from the Tour du Monde programme (Maestro, Roubada, Because you're Gorgeous, Ergo).

Reservation advised: 022 736 72 71

Le Tour du Monde de Chêne-Bourg

(6 and upwards)
Centre de loisirs de Chêne-Bourg, Wed 4th, 3:00pm

The Chêne-Bourg Centre des loisirs will screen all the Tour du Monde programme films; older guests will be invited to an aperitif while a snack awaits the younger ones.

Reservation advised: 022 348 96 78

Le Tour du Monde des Franchises

(6 and upwards)
Centre de loisirs des Franchises, Wed 4th, 2:00pm (approx: 2 1/2 hrs)

After learning how to bake a cake and prepare an exotic drink at a how-to-cook workshop, young guests will watch a selection of Tour du Monde films (Printed Rainbow, Maestro, Roubada, Mon cher et tendre ami, Because you're Gorgeous) and then taste their culinary preparations. The Centre de loisirs des Franchises invites them to travel around the world by titillating their taste-buds.

Reservation advised: 022 340 42 40