Night Life


36 Champi/Black Movie

sat 13, 22:00
The 36 Champi party is cancelled.
However the performance of Jean Biche will take place at the beggining of the screening of Blind Pig wants to fly on Saturday the 13th at 22 :15
Performance by Jean-Biche (Bruxelles)

A Belgian artist born in France, Jean-Biche retraces the route of his last three performances: 51+52, Cuore Nero and Rusalka.

A trilogy of the artist's pet themes that include clothes and incarnation, how the individual is (de)constructed, and gender reinvented.

Sets Electro/House CANCELLED
Dj’s Rosario et Massimiliano M (Fenomeno crew/Genève)
Vj  La Loutre (audioactivity/Genève)

UK Hip hop
Black ‘n’ Zoo

Le Zoo (Usine), fri 12, 23:00-5:00
Foreign Beggars

A UK Essentials evening that night-lovers will never forget.

Foreign Beggars
The Foreign Beggars, who combine jazz with Drum 'n Bass, are one of Great Britain's most prolific Hip Hop groups.
Composed of MCs Metropolis, Orifice Vulgatron, Shlomo and MC Zani and producer Dag Nabbit, the group is accompanied by DJ Nonames. 

Mixing Jazz and Classical sounds with Hip Hop, Death Metal and Drum n’Bass. One of the most explosive shows on earth.

True Ingredients

True Ingredients ft. BluRum 13
True Ingredients has a magic recipe whose colorful sound is inspired by Hip Hop with Jazzy, Old School, Funky & Dubby effects. The group is made up of three MCs, including the famous BluRum13 (Ninja Tune, Jarring Effects), Aina and Mr Milk, as well as four musicians: Fenna Rhodes, Josh Wah, Milzy and Steve O.
Brilliants performers, their original style seduces numerous fans, on record and live.

dj woody

DJ Woody
Woody Madera, alias DJ Woody, is mainly known as the inventor of DJing – which has gained many prizes for him around the world.
Explosive audiovisual performance!

T Dansant
Black ‘n’ Zoo

Le Zoo (Usine), sun 14, 17:00

The famous T Dansant with Radio Momie and David de Bâle, Greta Gratos and the messengers of love. Ladies from Shanghai, little Tonkinese, dragons, lotus flowers and silkworms all welcome.

La Cantina del ZOO 
Black ‘n’ Zoo

Le Zoo (Usine), thu 18, 18:30
DJ's Dradis & Buck Cherry

DJ's Dradis & Buck Cherry 

For the occasion, the Zoo is transforming itself into a CANTINA MEXICANA.

On the program: drinks, local delicacies and piñatas as well as music by the “Los Bollocks” punk group.

Fiesta Mexicana
Black ‘n’ Zoo

Le ZOO (Usine), fri 19, 23:00
fiesta mexicana

Reboot (Cadenza, Below, Cocoon / DE)
Reboot, alias Frank Heinrich, is known for his orgasmic soundtracks. His musical heritage stretches from House and Techno via Word Music and jazz. In the « New Sound of Frankfurt » vanguard.

He'll be accompanied by Dejan, Jesuon, and the nevertheless and henceforth famous Born Bjorg Genevans.


Le Zoo (Usine), thu 18, 18:30
The mexican lounge right next to the Spoutnik cinéma, will welcome you before and after the screenings. Tacos y Mezcal and if the sombreros agree, dancefloor, dance !

Closing buffet at the Aiglon

L’Aiglon, sun 21, 19:00-22:00
The Closing buffet was supposed to take place at the Bains des Pâquis. For reasons independant of our will thius was cancelled. We warmly thank the Aiglon for welcoming us at the last minute.