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The End of the Animal

envoyer à un ami
Jo Sung-hee
Minimalist fantasy
Corée du Sud, 2010, 114', hdcam, Fr./Engl. subtitles
A taxi has broken down on a deserted road. The driver goes off in search of help, leaving his young woman passenger alone on a plain ringing with frightful roaring noises… Jo Sung directs an astonishing first film, a cross between Blair Witch for the modesty of the device, Deliverance for the battle against an invisible enemy, Exhausted for the total absence of compromise and Lord of the flies for the crazy child: for sure, the end of the world could be like this.

Les Cinémas du Grütli Langlois
17.02.2012 - 21h30
26.02.2012 - 21h30
Les Cinémas du Grütli Simon
18.02.2012 - 22h00

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