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Première Suisse

The Journals of Musan

envoyer à un ami
Park Jungbum
Naturalist chronicle
Corée du Sud, 2010, 127', hdcam, Fr./Engl. subtitles
The first digits on his ID card betray the North Korean origin that Jeon Seungchul would give anything to hide. How to find work and friends when no one wants you? The former assistant of Lee Chang Dong, Park Jungbum, whose first film this is, plays the lead role with great sensitivity.

More than a cruel fable on discrimination and injustice in capitalist society, Park Jungbum has made a very subtle film about solitude.

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23.02.2012 - 19h00
24.02.2012 - 21h30
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26.02.2012 - 19h30

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