Capitaine Thomas Sankara
Christophe Cupelin

Thomas Sankara was killed in 1987, betrayed by his right-hand man, the current Burkina Faso president Blaise Compaoré. With his death, all proof of his existence was wiped out, including his body.

Thanks to his passionate archival research, Christophe Cupelin resuscitates the destiny of one of Africa's most important 20th-century leaders in this flamboyant and ironic film. An overbearing and charismatic president on a crusade against debt, in support of women's liberation or food self-sufficiency, Sankara never shrank from telling the truth to power. Or, in his own words: "Down with the tightrope-walking chameleons! Down with the starving jackals! Down with the terrified foxes!"

Archival portrait

Suisse, Burkina Faso
Fr./Engl. subtitles
Take the Money and run !

Cinéma Spoutnik

18.01.2013 - 22h00
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