From Russia with Love

Our detour via one of cinema’s great nations is well worth your time! A bit lost after communism’s fall and the destruction of the giant VGIK’s production and training infrastructure, Russian cinema has perked up considerably. Six massive and masterly films offer a foray into present-day Russia with its melancholy characters – either struggling or huddled up together to keep warm, with vodka, forgetfulness and Здоровье !

Touched by her accidental encounter with a young 14-year-old autistic boy, the film-maker gets involved with her subject and his family, and ends up radically changing the course of their lives.

Lyubov Arkus
Documentary autoportrait
2012, Russie, 110', DCP, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Grütli Langlois

19.01.2013 - 19h00

Grütli Simon

22.01.2013 - 19h30
24.01.2013 - 19h30

A very blue-eyed girl and a geek attempt to communicate, a deaf-mute betrays his family, a son suffers from an excess of filial devotion, and a long-toothed singer tries to replace his rival. It's the world's grand stage, illustrated in four novellas in which the characters – sometimes just extras, sometimes heroes – end up in a musical finale under an old circus tent. It's crazy, it's warm, it's Chapiteau Show! Life's a cabaret, chum!

Sergey Loban
Foolish novellas
2011, Russie, 211', DCP, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Auditorium Arditi

20.01.2013 - 17h30
26.01.2013 - 17h30

A 23-year-old metro train-driver learns that he has a cardiac anomaly that can kill him at any moment. From that moment on, everything becomes absurd.

Nikolay Khomeriki
Nihilist fable
2011, Russie, 96', DCP, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Auditorium Arditi

18.01.2013 - 19h30
20.01.2013 - 15h30

Grütli Simon

22.01.2013 - 17h30

Auditorium Arditi

25.01.2013 - 17h30

Valery is one of the few who know what has just happened in his town of Chernobyl on this morning of Saturday 26 April 1986. Should he flee or get drunk in response to the invisible and insidious danger?

Alexander Mindadze
Nuclear fable
2011, Russie, Ukraine, Allemagne, 99', 35mm, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Auditorium Arditi

19.01.2013 - 15h30
26.01.2013 - 15h30

A truck-driver takes a wrong turning and gets lost in a wild Russia in which the survival instinct and brutality have replaced any semblance of humanity.

Sergei Loznitsa
Nihilist road movie
2010, Ukraine, Allemagne, Pays-Bas, 127', 35mm, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Grütli Simon

19.01.2013 - 19h30
21.01.2013 - 22h00

Marina no longer loves either her friends, her husband or her work. She hides the fact that she has been raped, but returns to re-visit the scene of the crime and meets her rapist...

Angelina Nikonova
Nihilist love story
2011, Russie, 105', DCP, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Auditorium Arditi

19.01.2013 - 19h30
20.01.2013 - 22h00
27.01.2013 - 22h00