Take the Money and run !

Got the guts? Still under the yoke of the Western powers, Africa struggles to get the cards re-shuffled. In spite of the continent’s fabulous natural wealth, millions are obliged to seek work elsewhere. Economic migration, efforts to overturn the world order, hassling for a living in Kenyan or Congolese megalopolises are some of the stories told in these seven energy-filled films. OK, times are tough, but so what? The film-makers prefer to tell their tales with imagination and humor.

The Grand Hotel Da Beira stands in the midst of nowhere. A long way away from its original vocation, the hotel now shelters a whole village population.

Silvia Firmino
Contemplative documentary
2012, Mozambique, Portugal, 97', digibeta, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Grütli Simon

24.01.2013 - 22h00

Grütli Langlois

25.01.2013 - 19h00
27.01.2013 - 15h00

Satché returns to his family and wanders around town for the last time, knowing that he's dying. Slammer Saul Williams in the main role.

Alain Gomis
Initiatory tale
2012, Sénégal, France, 86', HDcam, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Grütli Simon

25.01.2013 - 17h30
26.01.2013 - 19h30

This flamboyant and ironic portrait of Thomas Sankara resuscitates the destiny of one of Africa's most important 20th-century leaders, assassinated for his honest opposition to neocolonial French imperialism.

Christophe Cupelin
Archival portrait
2012, Suisse, Burkina Faso, 104', digibeta, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Cinéma Spoutnik

18.01.2013 - 22h00
23.01.2013 - 20h00
26.01.2013 - 22h00

Not easy to understand one another if you're Chinese or Congolese! Even if Eddy, a Congolese interpreter fluent in Mandarin, is hired by a Chinese firm engaged in constructing roads in the DRC.

Bram van Paesschen
Tragi-comic documentary
2011, Congo, Belgique, 77', digibeta, French subtitles

Cinéma Spoutnik

24.01.2013 - 18h00
25.01.2013 - 20h00
26.01.2013 - 16h00

Michel waited a long time for his big brother, who left in search of work but never returned. 18 years later, he follows his brother's footsteps, camera in hand, to investigate his death in a quest that will finally let him mourn.

Michel K. Zongo
Film diary
2011, Burkina Faso, France, 82', digibeta, French subtitles

Cinéma Spoutnik

20.01.2013 - 16h00
23.01.2013 - 22h00
27.01.2013 - 18h00

Eight rapper street kids, a mythomaniac musician, a violin-playing hotel-keeper and a crippled aphrodisiacs-seller divvy up the streets of a chaotic Kinshasa, armed only with their gift of the gab and music.

Marc-Henri Wajnberg
2012, République démocratique du Congo, Belgique, France, 85', HDcam, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Cinéma Spoutnik

19.01.2013 - 16h00
23.01.2013 - 18h00
27.01.2013 - 16h00

You'll need to be a fast talker and know just what you want if you don't want to be crushed by Nairobi, especially if you've just come from the boonies and dream of becoming an actor...

Tosh Gitonga
Urban melodrama
2012, Kenya, Allemagne, 96', HDcam, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Cinéma Spoutnik

22.01.2013 - 20h00
25.01.2013 - 18h00