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All of them are here! Black Movie’s signature section is back. Dolled up to the nines, it rolls out a dream program: Wang Bing, Hong Sangsoo, Carlos Reygadas, Johnnie To, Im Sangsoo, Masahiro Kobayashi, Kim Ki-duk, Tsai Ming-liang and, last but not least, Takeshi Beat Kitano.

Three little sisters aged four, six and ten live alone in a timeless village the world has forgotten. They scrape meals together by doing odd jobs and range around a playground as big as a mountain.

Wang Bing
Chinese chronicle
2012, Chine, France, Hong Kong, 89', DCP, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Auditorium Arditi

19.01.2013 - 17h30

Grütli Langlois

20.01.2013 - 15h00

Auditorium Arditi

24.01.2013 - 17h30
27.01.2013 - 15H30

In a Korean seaside resort where she's never quite herself nor yet quite someone else, Anne has encountered, encounters and will encounter the same people who'll expose her to some totally new experiences. An enchanted meeting between Isabelle Huppert and Hong Sangsoo.

Hong Sangsoo
Joyful triptych
2012, Corée du Sud, 89', DCP, French subtitles

Grütli Simon

18.01.2013 - 19h30
26.01.2013 - 22h00

Inconsolable after his wife's death, prostrate since the Fukushima catastrophe and suffering from cancer, old Fuji decides to wall himself up in his room to die. Kobyashi has produced an important film about filial love, less leaden than we might imagine.

Masahiro Kobayashi
Japanese tragedy
2012, Japon, 101', HDcam, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Grütli Langlois

26.01.2013 - 17h00

Grütli Simon

27.01.2013 - 19h30

In the middle of a financial crisis, three modest investors speculate on information that they are the only ones to possess. Brilliant illustration of the rudderless drift of globalized finance...

Johnnie To
Financial thriller
2011, Hong Kong, 106', DCP, French subtitles

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19.01.2013 - 22h00
25.01.2013 - 19h30
26.01.2013 - 22h00

follow-up to Outrage

A corrupt cop lights the fuse between two Yakuza clans by releasing a former boss earlier than expected. Iconoclast, Kitano reinvents the "don't shoot, don't kill but hell do we talk" gang-war movie.

Takeshi Kitano
Motionless thriller
2012, Japon, 112', 35mm, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Grütli Simon

18.01.2013 - 22h00
23.01.2013 - 22h00

Grütli Langlois

27.01.2013 - 21h30

A mercenary employed by crooked creditors mutilates poor craftsmen, but a woman has decided to make him pay for his crimes...

Kim Ki-duk
Mystic melodrama
2012, Corée du Sud, 104', HDcam, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Grütli Langlois

18.01.2013 - 21h30

Grütli Simon

19.01.2013 - 13h30
20.01.2013 - 22h00

A family about to implode lives at the edge of a forest. The devil has entered their home… Carlos Reygadas invites us to plunge into the shadowy depths of the human soul desperately searching for light, no less !

Carlos Reygadas
Cinematographic fresco
2012, Mexique, France, Allemagne, pays-Bas, 120', DCP, Fr./German subtitles

Cinéma Les Scala

24.01.2013 - 19h30

follow-up to The Housemaid.

Irresistibly attracted by money, a young servant will serve in turn as stallion, right-hand man, spy and confidant to an atrociously rich family.

Im Sang-soo
Bourgeois melodrama
2012, Corée du sud, 114', DCP, Fr./Engl. subtitles

Auditorium Arditi

18.01.2013 - 22h00
25.01.2013 - 22h00

Going to buy yourself a sandwich can become a real performance, particularly when you're a monk determined to move in extremely slow motion.

Tsai Ming-Liang
Zen exercise
2012, Hong Kong, Taiwan, 27', HDcam, Engl. subtitles

Grütli Simon

19.01.2013 - 15h45
Screened with O que arde cura
20.01.2013 - 15h45
Screened with O que arde cura