Black Movie for Kids

This 8th edition of Black Movie for Kids affirms our ambitious goals: to encourage curiosity about and a taste for the 7th art, to awaken a thirst for knowledge while tickling kids’ ribs, and to incite them to break loose and explore – within the protected environment of a movie theatre…

From Argentina and Korea via Kazakhstan and Finland, the program’s 45 films invite young spectators to join a playful journey. The mostly animated films (cartoons) from some 15 countries use a multitude of techniques from ultra classical to ultra daring. The window on Scandinavia, opened last year, continues; a mischievous and caustic glimpse of Portuguese films follows in the footsteps of this year’s “big” Black Movie, as does a triptych that browses through an extraordinarily prolific half-century of Russian cinematography.

The very popular World Tour (TDM), film showings all over Geneva accompanied by creative, culinary and do-it-yourself activities – now includes 13 stopovers! And kids keen to have a go at the magic art of fashioning all kinds of images can look forward to the exciting initiatory workshops awaiting them.

With an additional program in local schools, kindergartens and crèches, Black Movie for Kids reaches out to all Geneva’s budding film-lovers.

Download the 2013 BMK timetable PDF

Russki Kino / Vnuk

First part of a triptych devoted to Russian cinematography that covers the second half of the 20th century: four films suitable for tiny tots.

3 years, 37', Cartoon

Renarde, Galina Barinova, 1982
The Other Side, Mikhail Aldashin, 1993
Attends un peu!, Viatcheslav Kotionotchkine, 1973
Ourson, Fiodor Khitrouk, 1964

Grütli Simon

19.01.2013 - 09h30

Grütli Langlois

26.01.2013 - 09h45

Grütli Simon

27.01.2013 - 09h30


Cats in all shapes, sizes and guises – cooked, sneezed, starving – catty! Directly dubbed by a guest actress.

4 years, 30', Cartoon

Where Baby Kittens Come From, Yoana Alexandrova, Bulgarie
Mons the cat, Pjotr Sapegin, Russie
Miatsuu, Kaisa Lenkkeri, Finlande
How Shammies Bathed, Edmunds Jansons, Lettonie
All Year Round, Natalia Antipova, Russie

Grütli Simon

19.01.2013 - 10h30

Grütli Langlois

20.01.2013 - 09h45

Grütli Simon

23.01.2013 - 09h30
27.01.2013 - 10h30

Chinti, Ginjas and other silly jokes

An ant tries to build the Taj Mahal with bits of rubbish, an intruder makes a mess in a human chest of drawers, a streetlight resuscitates a little plant, his creations overwhelm a zaney inventor… so many extravagant stories told with gentle humor.

5 years, 30', Cartoon

Chinti, Natalia Mirzoyan, Russie
Chest of Drawers, Sanni Lahtinen, Finlande
Ginjas, José Pedro Cavalheiro, Humberto Santana, Portugal
The Light, Yuta Sukegawa, Japon
Over the Hill, Jun Nito, Japon

Grütli Langlois

19.01.2013 - 09h45

Grütli Simon

20.01.2013 - 10h30
23.01.2013 - 10h30
26.01.2013 - 10h30

Boréal Coffee Shop

26.01.2013 - 15h30
26.01.2013 - 17h00

Russki Kino / Novoe

The flagship studio of post-Soviet cartoon-making. Pilot Films has produced La Montagne aux Bijoux, a magnificent project that brings folk stories from all over Russia to life via 52 short films. There were made by different teams and demonstrate an extraordinary variety of techniques. Russki Kino / novoe is an opportunity to discover three Bijoux pearls.

5 years, 40', Cartoon

Le rossignol, Alexander Tatarsky, 2006
Les trois chasseurs, Sergeï Merinov, 2010
Le chat et la renarde, Konstantin Bronzit, 2004

Grütli Simon

19.01.2013 - 11h30
20.01.2013 - 09h30
26.01.2013 - 11h30

Russki Kino / Forma

From wool to wire and from puppets to drawings – a program that testifies to the proliferation of Russian cartoon-making techniques used during the 20th century.

6 years, 38', Cartoon

Pelote, Nikolaï Serebriakov, 1973
La grande migration, Iouri Tcherenkov, 1995
La plume de grue, Idea Garanina, 1977
Fioritures, Garri Bardin, 1987

Grütli Simon

20.01.2013 - 11h30
26.01.2013 - 09h30

Grütli Langlois

27.01.2013 - 09h45

World Tour (TDM)

Dine in Argentina or celebrate Fathers’ Day in Latvia? Discover an Indian candy tree or compare Korean to Baltic circuses? Stop over in Hungary, Estonia, Japan, Finland? Join the World Tour 2013 and all of it is possible!

6 years, 60', Cartoon

The Candy Tree, Somnath Pal, Inde
Yonalure: Moment to Moment, Ayaka Nakata, Yuki Sakitani, Japon
International Father's Day, Edmunds Jansons, Lettonie
La Cena, Ygor Marotta, Ceci Soloaga, Argentine
Ursus, Reinis Petersons, Lettonie
Circus Show, Shin Chang-hwan, Choe Hyeong-myeong, Corée
Munaralli, Kaisa Penttilä, Finlande
Huhu - Pole Hole, Alexeï Alexeev, Hongrie
Roadkill, The Animation Workshop, Danemark
Murto, Sanni Lahtinen, Kaisa Lenkkeri, Heta Jokinen, Pauli Laasonen, Finlande
Dangerous Migration Route, Chintis Lundgren, Estonie

Grütli Langlois

20.01.2013 - 10h45
26.01.2013 - 10h45

+in the "maisons de quartier" and "centres de loisirs" (cf. LES ESCALES DU WORLD TOUR)

Like big kids

Zombie olives, a house that seems to dripping blood, an investigation in a garden and some films in the original language with French sub-titles – a perfect program to pretend to be a big kid spectator!

7 years, 60', Cartoon

Oxota, Ramil Usmanov, Kazakhstan
Noodle Fish, Kim Jin-man, Corée
My Strange Grandfather, Dina Velikovskaya, Russie
The Garden Plot, Lowe Haak, Suède
The Man Next Door, Yoji Kuri, Japon
Timur and Jhanik, Kuat Konirkulzhaev, Yuliya Tkhai, Ramil Usmanov, Kazakhstan
Oliverio la aceituna, Gabino Calónico, Antonio Balseiro, Argentine

Grütli Langlois

19.01.2013 - 10h45
23.01.2013 - 10h45
27.01.2013 - 10h45

Portuguese Sweet and Sour

A butcher at the end of his tether, crude language at a family meal, the coming to awareness of a toreador’s son and a travel diary in cartoon form: malicious, caustic, poetic glimpses of Portuguese production in full swing.

10 years, 50', Cartoon

Mi vida en tus manos, Nuno Beato
Serâo, Joana Toste
Viagem a Cabo Verde, José Miguel Ribeiro
Desassossego, Lorenzo Degli’Innocenti

Boréal Coffee Shop

19.01.2013 - 19h00

Fonction : Cinéma

20.01.2013 - 13h45

Boréal Coffee Shop

22.01.2013 - 19h00

Grütli Simon

27.01.2013 - 11h30

An unfinished letter is all Momo has left of her dead father. Clinging to the last remains of his presence, she doesn’t realize that he is still watching over her and that it’s him who has sent her a trio of hysterically funny creatures… Mourning, tackled with delicacy and imagination in this initiatory tale.

Hiroyuki Okiura
9 years, 120', Cartoon, Japon, 2011

Grütli Simon

26.01.2013 - 13h30
27.01.2013 - 13h30

For the first time in Iran, a director, Mehrdad Oskouei, was granted permission to film 10-14-year-old prisoners in a correctional facility. Incarcerated for adult crimes and treated as such, they are really still children, whose daily lives, dreams, hopes and fear he films with great sensitivity.

Mehrdad Oskouei
10 years, 52',doc, Iran, 2011
vost fr

Fonction : Cinéma

20.01.2013 - 15h15
27.01.2013 - 15h15


As of this edition, the World Tour (TDM) will be stopping over in thirteen community centres (“maisons de quartier” and “centres de loisirs”) around Geneva.

The principle? Each stopover offers families the chance to discover World Tour films, let their imaginations run riot in a range of fun creative workshops, and devour some delicious mid-afternoon snacks.

What’s on offer? In Petit-Lancy, kids can learn how cartoons are made; in Eaux-Vives, they can discover Latvia as the guest of honor; munch scrumptious pancakes at the Libellules and Meyrin “maisons de quartier”; or enjoy an aperitif accompanied by cartoons with Versoix musicians…

Each stopover inventively echoes the World Tour films. Don’t miss this exciting trek!


4-9 years
accompanied by their parents

MQ Acacias
Wed 23, 14h45-17h30
Please reserve : 022 342 72 72 or


5 years
accompanied by their parents

MQ Aïre-Le Lignon
Sun 20, 14h30-17h
No reservations


6-12 years
accompanied by their parents

MQ Asters-Servette
Sun 27, 14h30-17h30
Please reserve : 022 734 06 33 or


4 years
families welcome

MQ Champel
Sun 27, 14h-18h
No reservations


4 years
families welcome

MQ Chêne-Bourg - Le Spot
Wed 23, 15h-17h
Please reserve : 022 348 96 78 ( le 14 janvier)


5 years
5-7 years accompanied by their parents

MQ Eaux-Vives
Sat 19 et dim 20, 14h-17h30
Please reserve : 022 736 72 71 or


4 years
families welcome

MQ Libellules
Wed 23, 14h-18h
Please reserve : 022 796 12 64 or


4 years
families welcome

CL Meyrin, Maison Vaudagne
Sun 20, 10h-17h (projections à 11h et 15h)
No reservations


4-12 years
4-7 years accompanied by their parents

MQ Pâquis, Château-Bruyant
Sat 19, 14h30-17h30
No reservations


6-12 years
families welcome

MQ Villa Tacchini
Sat 26, 14h30-18h
Please reserve : 022 793 52 07 or


6 years
accompanied by their parents

MQ Thônex
Sun 20, 14h-17h30
Please reserve : 022 348 75 32 or


5 years
families welcome

Le Rado
Fri 25, de 16h30 à 20h
No reservations - Information: 022 755 47 11


5-12 years
families welcome

CL Franchises
Wed 23, 14h-16h30
Please reserve : 022 340 42 40 or


Please respect indicated ages; not for younger children!

Staging your dreams

Photo-montage workshop

6 years

Drawing its inspiration from the cinema, this highly original workshop proposes a creative journey with a manual photo-montage as end result. Each child will develop a mini-decor and get dressed up. After creating a montage by hand, they will then be photographed in their own dream decors. It’s magic at work… The children can take a big color photo of themselves on their imaginary journeys with them when they leave.

Cartoon-making: Sarah Gabay, artist, photographer and director

Maison des Arts du Grütli, 3rd floor, Salle Aloïse
Sat 19, 14h-18h
Please reserve : 076 513 77 48 or

Two days to tell a story

Compositing initiation course with Final Cut

10-12 years

« Compositing » allows you to mix several different types of digital sources. After imagining a short story (paper story board), the children will edit their stories with the help of Final Cut, using a stock of photos, illustrations, sounds and music. Two-day course.

Collaboration: FR-C LAB

Maison des Arts du Grütli, 3rd floor, Salle Aloïse
Sat 26 et Sun 27, 13h-18h
Please reserve : 076 513 77 48 or

Underwater… another world

Initiation workshop to stop motion, mixed techniques (pixilation, 3D and drawings cartoon-making…)

9-12 years

An initiation to the moving image: inspired by the ocean depths and by microscopic views, this workshop will allow participants to create a cartoon. Using lighting and unusual textures, they will bring imaginary creatures and strange movements to life. Their creations will be screened during the festival.
Bring a picnic!

Collaboration : Phasma/Cartoon'un truc

Maison des Arts du Grütli, 3rd floor, Salle Aloïse
Sun 20 - 9h30-16h30
Please reserve : 076 513 77 48 or

For budding cartoon-makers and sound technicians

Initiation to directing a short film in stop motion

7-10 years

The children will be invited to collectively direct a short cartoon. Some will fashion a character using a variety of available materials (modeling clay, pipe-cleaners, etc.) and animate it in stop motion. Others will make the film’s sound track, using various sound-effects methods. While this is going on and while they’re waiting, the edition’s short films will be screened.
This workshop will include the participation of two handicapped children.

Collaboration: Fondation Cap Loisirs

34 Bd St Georges
Sun 27, 9h30-12h30
Please reserve : 079 766 34 65