A Cetusss Installation

« Take your glasses off. We're all humans here. »

The echo of melancholy guitars dies out as the day begins to dawn on Genevegas. Dischevelled after too short a night, Maria is already out looking for work or a place to live. She doesn't know that creatures from elsewhere have again begun to invade the town. Emerging from a RAXS concert the previous evening, her friend Kate tripped over a box full of glasses. They treated each other to a pair. Her computer screen looks out on the city and Maria's eyes begin to struggle with the sun's first rays. Pretty quickly, she dons her new glasses and wins. Which is when she begins an intense and direct reading of the world around her.

This installation was inspired by John Carpenter's sci-fi Invasion Los Angeles (They Live). Itself adapted from the novel Eight O'Clock in the Morning by Ray Faraday Nelson.