Black Movie
International independant film
Festival, Geneva
Première mondiale / Premier film


Zoe Sua Cho

Dreamy elegy

Corée du Sud/USA
Fr./Engl. Subtitles
The apple of our eyes
Grütli Langlois

18.01.2015 - 15h30
Screened with :
Muerte blanca
19.01.2015 - 17h30
Screened with :
Muerte blanca

The break-up of a mute couple, a drunken Serb who lets it all hang out, a man who disappears in a forest. Travellers (but are they really on a journey?) pass without necessarily talking to each other in the yellowish and photogenic corridor of a mysterious imaginary venue.

In spite of its cryptic scenario, Hotel/Transit rivets and bewitches. Zoe Sua Cho masters the art of making images breathe and instills the strange feeling that we've just had a dream, that this journey must continue.

Screened with Muerte blanca

Zoe Sua Cho / Corée du Sud /